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How To Start Exercising, Even If You Don't Want To!

Written by Prachi Gangwani


The Internet has led us to believe that there are people out there who love to work out. You know who we're talking about - with their Instagrammable butts, abs and lives, who seem to not only never miss a work out session of whatever their preferred way of sweating it out is. They make you believe that they love exercising.

Well, here's something you probably didn't think of: Nobody loves exercising all the time. Not even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts. Everybody has days when they don't want to lift a finger. But, let's not talk about those on the far end of the bell curve. The average person today has a sedentary lifestyle, with little inclination toward incorporating physical activity. Many, among us, do not enjoy any form of fitness routine. But, working those muscles is important. So, how do we become someone who enjoys exercising?

how to start exercise


Focus on enjoying being physically active.

If you're a newbie, forget joining the gym, or taking up yoga because that's what everybody seems to recommend. Look for an activity that you actually enjoy - maybe for you, it's running, or a sport like Tennis, or perhaps even simply doing a few jumping jacks in your living room. Start by moving your body in any which way that feels good to you.

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Make your goals action-oriented, and not achievement-oriented.

By this, we mean focus on being able to get a workout session in, as opposed to losing X kilos, or reaching a certain size. The problem with having external, aesthetic goals is two-fold: One, since it takes time for your body to start showing the effects of being active, it is easy to lose patience, and subsequently, interest. This is why many people give up after only a few sessions - because they don't see themselves getting any closer to their goals. The other problem with this, is that as soon as you reach your ideal weight or size, you may lose interest in continuing your work out. Give it a few months, and you'll be back to your previous shape. Remember, exercising has benefits that supersede how it makes us look. That is just a byproduct.

how to start exercise


Take it slow.

Yet another mistake that people, and trainers, make is that they push themselves too much right in the beginning. This "no pain, no gain" philosophy may work well for some, but it certainly doesn't work well for everyone. So, to be safe, both physically (from those debilitating sore muscles) and psychologically (from being made to feel like you are not strong enough), build up to tougher workouts in a methodical manner. Be gentle with yourself.

Be mindful of how you feel after a workout.

Generally speaking, exercise releases our happy hormones, that is, endorphins, and leaves us with a sort of a high - a state of mild euphoria where we feel good both, in our body and mind. Take note of this after every session. This is what will motivate you to do more.

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