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How To Make Love To Yourself

Written by Vineeta S


It was 10:30 pm, and I was still sitting at my desk in the office. Slaving my eyes in front of a laptop screen, I was trying to finish researching on a story that I was yet to draft and submit to my editor for a campaign that was scheduled for the next morning.

My eyelids were fluttering to a close, but I kept telling myself that I needed to work just a bit longer, and then, I’d get to lay in the comfort of my bed. Oh my bed... the feeling of satisfaction that waved through me just at the thought of my body hitting the new satin sheets I spread on my mattress this morning was enough to keep me awake for the next 20 minutes, and wrap up my work.

make love to yourself

On the cab ride back home, I was unapologetically fantasizing about my bed. Once I reached, the desire for my bed burned in me like a moth to a burning flame. It had been quite a tiring a day, and just as I rested my limp body at my bed, I figured, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to relieve some stress while at it. I deserved some pampering.

And so, I did what’s every human’s prerogative - Masturbate.

Masturbation, in India, is a taboo. For women, it is considered a sin! I like to think it’s because we, as women, either don’t know enough about it, or we don’t do it enough. Both of which, often keeps us away, from what could be our spiritual and sexual awakening. While there is enough information floating around that suggests how masturbation releases endorphins, and that makes you happy, and relieves stress, there isn’t much that helps you with the ‘don’t do it’ part of the problem.

All things considered - from your hesitation to talk about masturbation, to your tired schedules - we’ve come up with a foolproof set of props that will put you right in the mood for some well-deserved self lovin’. Go on, and make love to yourself:

make love to yourself

Create a Playlist for the Solo-play

Music has the power to not only uplift, but steer and influence your mind, body and thoughts to any direction it feels like. At moments like these, you will be surprised to see how easily sexy and erotic music can end up turning you on. It also is a good prop to help you tune with your pace find that rhythm while in action, and makes the entire process a lot more intense and liberating.

Throw on new bedsheets

Nothing feels better than the touch of clean, crisp bedsheet grazing across your body, and giving it the kind of comfort it needs. Pick out a nice new bedsheet, spread it fresh across your bed and make yourself comfortable for the pleasure that awaits you.

Dress up for yourself

Just because you’re not entertaining anyone other than you doesn’t mean you can’t look sexy. When you look good, you feel good. This is why we suggest you put on some sexy lingerie to get yourself in the mood for some action.

make love to yourself

Watch Porn / Read Erotic Literature

One of the most important and effective ways to get you going is that of indulging in the likes of some categorical porn or perhaps making use of literotica. It doesn’t just get you in the zone, but guarantee a dramatic and ecstatic climax, all the while helping you get in touch with your innate fantasies with some steamy hot visuals. It is also a great way to find out what is it that you enjoy and explore the possibilities to something new and exciting.

Use Sex Toys

Yes, you’re a solo player here, but masturbation doesn’t mean you just ‘Wham-bam-thank-You-Ma’am’ yourself, and get going. Let sex toys be at the disposal of your impish delight, by letting them up the ante as you stimulate your way to sexual satisfaction. Sex toys, don’t just enhance the process and feeling of an orgasm but also help you to prolong it. Last we checked, that is exactly what women are looking for!

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