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Finding Your Purpose + Two Other Things You Should Do If You Want A Happy Life

Written by Mohit Chawla


For some of us, anxiety is a part-and-parcel of life today as we know it. In 2019, we probably have more reasons to be worried and unhappy than ever before. Social media, with constant updates, affirmation-seeking posts, celebrity-culture that sexualises every aspect of daily life, and other such evils, has become a source of self-image issues, and the general feeling of not being good enough. Expectations, both external and internal, can manifest as anxiety in a number of ways. It can all seem like too much sometimes.

Of course, everyone has different triggers and sources of stress and anxiety, and acknowledging and identifying those can help keep your anxiety at bay. But, like we said, there are some things that are universal in the human experience, that make all of us anxious. But, we don't have to surrender to these existential dilemmas. We can live happy, fulfilled lives by taking charge, when it comes to these three things:

Since time immemorial, great philosophers have pondered over mortality. It does not serve us well to dwell on such things. Making the most of the time we have, is all we can do.

finding your purpose

Feeling like you have no purpose: In the initial stages of your career, you may question why you must put up with the early mornings, the menial stuff, the idle time wasted in offices and rooms, the late nights, the abhorrent customers, and so on... This may or may not change, but hopefully as you grow older, you will learn to be wiser about these existential dilemmas. But, most successful individuals will tell you to find something, or some space where you enjoy your work. By being proactive, anyone can achieve anything. The grind is necessary, but doesn't have to be soul-crushing. Find what makes you excited, makes you feel like you can do you are making a difference to yourself, something that makes you and those around you happy. Passion is something we can choose, and hone, and that is a blessing we don't utilise enough. Find your passion and purpose. It can make your life far more fulfilling.

Money, now and in the future: If you don't come from money, it may be a struggle to figure out how to go about securing your future. If you, like many young adults, make just enough money for your day-to-day, and barely have savings, it may seem unfathomable how you will ever have enough to buy a home, and take care of a family. This is a highly sensitive issue for many, and quite certainly causes stress and anxiety. It may seem overwhelming, but it would serve you well by reviewing your spending habits. I speak from personal experience. You don't need to make a lot of money, to save some. Figure out where you are spending your money. Things like rent, electricity and food are fixed, and will require your major attention. Curb spending on meals outside, which is one of the biggest culprits that burn a hole in our pocket. Fix an amount every month, even if it's small, and save or invest it. Anxiety over money matters, or really, anything, comes with a perceived or actual lack of control. When it comes to money, you CAN change this simply by taking charge of your finances, and not spending mindlessly.

finding your purpose

Physical health, and mortality: All of us have to deal with sickness at some point. We have to witness our loved ones fall ill. Taking care of our body, and maintaining good health is constant work. For those who don't exercise, their struggle is to start and keep it going. For those who do, pushing limits becomes tedious and lapses in interest cause a decline in the quality of the workout. It's easy to get demotivated and wonder, 'What is the point?' Whats the point of all this exercise if in the end we are all going to die anyway? Perhaps there isn't any. The human body is capable of some amazing, creative and beautiful things, but it too, must succumb to time. This may seem bleak but it is nonetheless true. However, taking care of our body and mind, with physical activity, relaxation, and self-care, is meant to enhance the time we have on this planet. Since time immemorial, great philosophers have pondered over mortality. It does not serve us well to dwell on such things. Making the most of the time we have, is all we can do. And one of the most important aspects of this, is to maintain good health. Lose the extra kilos, get on a bike, go lift some weights, climb a mountain, dance like no one's watching, kick a ball, go for a jog. Just do something. Anything. Don't just sit and watch TV. Keep yourself active and fulfilled. Leave no room for negativity, and no time to be anxious. When it's time to go, you will depart knowing that you have enjoyed your vehicle, and the ride!

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