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Letter To My Friend Who's Going Through Depression

Written by Vineeta S


Dear One,

Even though we talk on a weekly basis if not on a daily basis, this is the first time I am writing to you. But you must know that I had been meaning to write this to you for a long time now. I just needed to gather my thoughts enough to be able to send them across to you.

This letter is for the day you don’t feel like opening your eyes, let alone climbing out of bed. This is for the times that come at you hissing when you’re all by yourself. This is to simply remind you, that even when you feel alone, you’re not.

how to help a friend with depression

People have either of the two built around Depression – taboos or misconceptions; taboos that shun depression as something unholy, unwanted, but most of all – unwelcome; or misconceptions, where depression is only about feeling sad. I want you to know that I understand how it is neither of the two. I want you to know that even if it is too early for you to exactly understand it, I understand the simple fact that it is not easy. And, maybe that is a good start.

You’ve always called me your human diary. You’ve confided in me your worst fears and you’ve trusted me with your darkness. So trust me with this too. Trust me when I say that I will not allow you to fight this battle alone. Trust me when I tell you that a few months down the line, we will have crawled you out of this, and you would never have to let that feeling enter your soul ever again.

how to help a friend with depression

I know that right now it feels like depression has started to nestle in your bones; that the weight in your chest with which you wake up every morning will not let you take a step further; that the guilt for not knowing the reason behind feeling this way will crush you. I want you to gather enough courage to pull yourself together, and through this day.

We’ll do this one day at a time. For now, just wake up to that alarm on your bedside, put on some music that might inspire you to move a leg, and push yourself to get up. For now, just attend your classes regularly while reminding yourself that by even doing the bare minimum you’re doing better than most.
For now, just focus on getting some food in, and swallowing it whole. You can’t afford to fall sick now, not when you’re already dealing with one health problem that is on top of the priority list.

how to help a friend with depression

You’re not the reflection you see in the mirror when you’re depressed. You’re not the weakness that has built home inside your heart. You’re not a manifestation of your worst fears. You’re just stranded on an island. You’re so much stronger than that feeling, so much more beautiful and powerful. All you need is a little will power, and a lot of faith. And you will see things starting to fall back in place. Your heart, your thoughts, your life... everything! 

So, let us get by each day, slowly and calmly. This state of overwhelming sadness is merely a state. It, like all others, shall too pass. And till then, you have me, pushing you through every step of the way, with love, patience, kindness and care. You will get through this. WE will get through this. And it will all happen very soon. You’ll see. 

Until next time, take care of that lovely face for me!

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