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How To Get Over Someone In The Digital Age

Written by Prachi Gangwani


Even until about a decade ago, getting over someone often happened by cutting them off - you would stop hanging out with them, stop taking their calls or messages, and avoid places you knew they are likely to be at. It was easy to not have this person in your life anymore before our lives moved online. 

Now, in this digital age, it is nearly impossible. There's always some medium to find them or stay connected with them, and frankly, it seems kind of juvenile too to unfriend or block someone. But, the digital age is so much more than social media, which means that the strategies we need must also be more than just blocking our ex or love interest. You don't have to remain passive in this process by simply avoiding the one you're trying to get over in the virtual world. You can actively do things on your phone - other than stalking your ex - that can help you move on! 

Join a fitness challenge 

When you're nursing a broken heart, stepping out and exposing your vulnerability to a bunch of sweaty strangers with racing hearts and chiselled bodies may seem daunting. But, deep down, you know that if you start working out, or up your fitness routine, it will make you feel better. Well, you know there are tons of apps and videos that you can refer to, right? Better yet, join a fitness challenge - the goal will keep you motivated. You may not feel better about getting rejected, but you'll at least have that revenge body! 

Download a water-drinking-reminder app 

Drinking water has nothing to do with moving on. But, it's important to stay hydrated, and you can't use your broken heart as an excuse to replace water with vodka. Okay? 

how to get over someone

Shop online 

After one breakup I did not expect, I spent more than my monthly income at the time on online shopping. Among the things I bought online were turtle-shaped door hooks. I didn't need them. Don't be that guy. Don't buy trash you don't have any use for. Another thing I bought was a dog. Don't be that guy either. Don't buy. Adopt. (Though, in my defence, I was getting the poor dog off the cruel man who thought it was okay to sell an animal). But, go ahead and splurge on some beauty products and new clothes. Because you deserve it. 

Put yourself out there on dating apps

Meet new people. Keep it light. Go on dates. Dress up. Have conversations with strangers. Have fun. Make new memories. Fall in love again. Who am I kidding? They'll probably just get added to the list of "exes" you need to get over. In which case, you use the Internet to find a fun activity and get out there in the REAL world. Think kickboxing, painting, learning an instrument, pottery, or heck, go check out an art exhibition. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, AND OFF YOUR PHONE!


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