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Four Things To Do To Make Your Period Less Uncomfortable

Written by Prachi Gangwani


Let’s be honest - periods are never comfortable. Those few days of the month, you literally shed blood and internal organs! How can that be comfortable for anyone? That said, periods don’t have to come with cramps that force you to curl up and stay in bed all day, or those nasty rashes that you certainly don’t need. We are of the belief that you should not “feel” your period. No, really. There are women out there who go through their monthly visit just the same way they do the rest of the month, without having to take a day off from work, or nursing those pointless rashes. That’s how it should be - after all, your period is not an illness. It is a part of your biology. So, it doesn’t really make sense that it should leave you unable to function, right?

With simple tweaks in your lifestyle, you can make your period less uncomfortable.

Load up on supplements 

Research shows that deficiencies of certain minerals and vitamins can exacerbate symptoms of PMS. In other words, taking supplements can help ease these symptoms. Calcium, for example, can help lift the fatigue and depressive feelings that some women experience. Magnesium can help with bloating, and tenderness in breasts. The best way to figure out which supplements you need is to consult a gynaecologist.

Switch to organic pads

One of the most common complaints women have during their period is rashes caused by the likes of Whispers and Stayfree. These sanitary napkins, while they do their job, are made using chlorine and plastic, both of which are known irritants. That’s where your rashes come from. According to Dr Suruchi Desai, a Mumbai-based gynaecologist, “Regular sanitary pads have a lot of plastic content and can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. Organic pads contain an absorbent cellulose core which locks away menstrual fluid to keep you dry, and a soft organic cotton cover that allows your skin to breathe.”

In the last few years, many thoughtful entrepreneurs in the country are tackling this issue by manufacturing sanitary napkins that are chlorine-free, have no or minimal plastic, and other toxins. You can try them out for yourself:


Do some stretches

Contrary to popular belief, light exercise actually helps alleviate cramps. The right kind of stretching relaxes and loosens muscles, which is essentially the opposite of what happens when you are cramping. That you should not exercise when you are on your period is a myth. But, of course, do what works for you. You don’t have to go heavy, but a little movement is important. Also note that regular exercise can help balance out the hormones, which improves overall health, including reproductive health.


Visit a gynaecologist

Finally, remember that periods are NOT meant to be uncomfortable. They are a natural part of being a healthy woman. If your periods come with extreme cramps, excessively heavy (or scanty, for that matter) bleeding, or anything else that makes you wish you weren’t born a woman, please visit a gynaecologist!

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