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I Struggle With Depression. Here's What I Do On My Worst Days

Written by Keeping Zen


Contributed by Malvika C. Rajan

What are you supposed to do if the voices in your head tell you things like “What’s the point?” or... “You’re not good enough”? These thoughts make you rethink your actions, and sometimes, just give up!

Depression and anxiety disorders can cripple any individual. I’ve been battling depression, on and off, for the last four years. There are days that I contemplate giving up, and then there are days when I feel invincible! Neither feeling lasts more than a day or two. But on the days that I’m at my lowest, and just can’t seem to cope with getting on with my life, I engage in a few activities that help me get over whatever it is that’s bringing me down. Here's sharing them with you, hoping they'll come in handy on days you find yourself struggling.

Listen to happy music: There’s something about a song with a danceable beat that just doesn’t permit you to stay sad! Whether it’s a new or an old song, happy music always brings about a change in my inner atmosphere! 

Dance like no one's watching: As clichéd as this sounds, it works. At least for me, it does... I just get up and move around like an idiot. This helps relax my mind, and gives me an opportunity to laugh at myself. The brain gets tricked into feeling better and I, at least momentarily, stop taking myself too seriously. 

Indulge in “self-love”: Sounds dirty? Well it isn’t! It’s an act of love/ care/ consideration that you show yourself. Whether it's eating something decadent, buying something expensive, or even a day at the spa, I something for myself and only for myself. Just treat myself the way I want to be treated. 

Allow myself to have that “bad day”: “Society” tells us that we need to be a certain way, and when we look around at all the “normal” people and see them functioning without any kind of a mental monster, we stop to question ourselves. I try not do that! It’s okay to have a bad day or two, it’s okay to feel sad. But at the same time, I remind myself that “this too shall pass.” 

Do something with my hands: Again, not the dirty kinda stuff, but if that works for you... who is anyone to judge? Doing something with my hands, like gardening, cooking, writing, drawing or even cleaning makes me feel better. When I'm busy with my hands, my mind is diverted, and at the end I look at my work with nothing but relief and pride. Happy stuff!

Relax! It’s easier said than done... finding the space in my head to relax is very hard. I've learnt that relaxing doesn’t necessarily mean to sit in a meditative space; it just means that I concentrate on my breathing, heart beat or even blinking. Just not force myself to be occupied with something or the other. 

Say ‘yes’ as much as I can: If I'm always saying, 'no, sorry I can’t...' I will never have a new experience. Trying out new things and having new experiences gives me a sense of how much I can do, and how much I am yet to achieve.  


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