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Why You Should Skip Those Heels On Your Next Date

Written by Vineeta S


Fashion is no longer optional. It is no longer a luxury. Not with the constant reinvention, and innovation, the accessibility, and affordability. It is what drives many of us to get up in the morning and show up to work. That mix-and-match ensemble which somehow manages to look like a designer outfit straight out of the runway uplifts your mood on low days. And even if you end up in a plain t-shirt, paired with bright coloured moccasins, it is still fashion. Fashion is a part of everyone's life! And while fashion may be all that and more, it is also hazardous.

It is a dangerously slippery slope we tread on, especially in those 6-inch heels we pick up more often than our ankles would appreciate.

We don’t realise, or rather, we condone what all the embellishments do to our body silently, in the name of fashion.

Everything comes at a price - fashion is no different. We of course want to be on our A-game all the time, and if it calls for wearing layers of makeup to enhance our features, we will go ahead and cake up. If it means carrying that tote filled with every light and heavy necessity, being borne by a single shoulder for hours at a stretch, we will pick the most flattering colour in it. If it means styling your look with a pair of heavy hoops, we will not once let out an ‘ooh’ or ‘aah’ in pain. And if it means flaunting a seamless, body-hugging silhouette, we will buy three different kinds of shape underwear to force our bodies into.

fashion problems keeping zen

We have been so strongly conditioned to make use of these fancy elements to elevate our look, that we overlook how it elevates our pain levels as a nasty byproduct. Those six inch heels you love to make a grand entrance come with the risk of aching joints. The unduly tight cinching shape wear will leave you gasping for breath, with unpleasant acid reflux and compressed nerves. That overload of accessories on your soft earlobes may loosen them to a point of tear, if you don't give yourself a break. That daily dose of foundation will close up those pores that helps your skin breathe, if you don't cleanse properly and diligently. And that heavy tote you carry around like a Mary Poppins bag, will cause agonising shoulder and back pain. It happens, right? Surely, you've felt it in tiny doses?

And we get it, we wouldn't dare ask you to swear off those pumps or get rid of that new bag. But all we ask is: Give yourself a break every now and then! Go for drinks with your girlfriends wearing a comfortable A-line skirt instead of that bodycoon dress every once in a while. Skip the heels when you go for a coffee date. Save those heavy earrings for weddings and such.

fashion problems keeping zen

Anything in excess would run you dry a little too soon than it should. And last we checked, moderation never hurt anybody. Let the pain-inducing accessories be ammunitions you pick up on special occasions. Cut the damage. Your health and well-being should not, and should never have been the thing to trade fashion with. Let your style statement be synonymous to your fine-feather self, and not your harrowing body bellows. Pay heed to the signs your body is giving you, and replace hazardous with healthy, painful with pleasant, and uncomfortable with fun. Compromise a little now to be able to be spoilt for choice later and for longer. Not a bad trade now, is it?


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