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EXCLUSIVE: Guneet Monga On Winning The Oscar, And Walking The Ramp AT LMIFW

Guneet Monga, the acclaimed producer and presently India’s pride after her short film won an Oscar for the Best Short Documentary, is truly a woman you’d look up to. She’s testimony to the fact that hard work and commitment towards a cause always pay.

For us, Guneet Monga’s Period. End of Sentence even being nominated for the Oscars, for the kind of cause it represents, was a victory. As it turns out, it wasn’t the first time one of her movies was nominated for the Oscars, but the first time indeed that she won. From a time when she couldn’t afford to attend the event, to a time where she flew, and came back with a shiny and well-deserved award in hand, is a modern-day fairytale.

She believes breaking taboos around menstruation is just the beginning, and there is more to look forward to. Her immense dedication finally paid off, and so did our chase when we met her at the Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week ’19. Here’s what we talked about:

You’ve won an Oscar now. How does that feel?
It’s surreal. The feeling is beautiful, and epic at the same time, maybe because this cause is absolutely close to my heart. The shame around menstruation and periods needs to end. It should not happen and it’s about time it stops. This is one way to go about it.

guneet monga interview 1

How was the experience of attending an event as big as the Oscars?
Oh what do I say, I mean just everything about it is larger than life. It is stunning, and you just feel like this was the moment that was truly worth it. All the hard work, all these years, doing independent movies, it doesn’t happen overnight, right? But it definitely adds up in the end.

You’ve always been committed to your projects, having sold one of your own houses to raise funds for the movie Monsoon Shootout. Now that you’ve outdone yourself with Period, what is next?
Lots. I just got started. It’s the first 10 years when you’re always thinking of what you’re doing, and you’re unsure about it. But I think with all the films that I have now done, and the love that I have got from the industry worldwide, I just got started. So lots is coming up. Lots of movies, premium drama shows, short films, everything.

guneet monga interview 2

Short films seem like your forte. Is that what you’re most happy while doing?
Considering I have produced around 70 short films, it is safe to say I can keep going on.

You’re walking for Rohit Kamra tonight. How does that feel?
Well, the fact that I am walking for a men’s brand tonight in itself is so interesting. To be here and be a part of this, to break the stereotypes in every way, it feels absolutely amazing, to be honest!


Image Source: Instagram | Guneet Monga, Rohit Kamra 

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