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Can't Keep Zen BC Green Homes Are The New Trend In Modern Indian Housing!

Environmentally responsible and resource-efficient structures are becoming an essential part of the Indian construction. People have understood its importance and are embracing it like never before. Now, many home owners are paying more attention to green homes and sustainable buildings by acknowledging the importance of healthy living. Sustainability in the housing sector is not restricted to energy conservation, but also includes the use of resources and impact on the surroundings.

The popularity of wooden houses is increasing by the day. Important factors such as energy efficiency, healthy living environment, short construction time and affordable prices are making them an attractive option. Wooden structures are also considered strong, durable, flexible and fire resistant, when treated suitably. An increasing number of people are realising the benefits of living in a wooden building, and also endorsing the idea.

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Wooden homes are healthy, as the material has distinctive capability to "breathe" and balance the indoor environment. Air passes through the wood particle, gets cleared, moisturised and preserves comfortable temperature. Thus, the building always conserves a comfortable ambiance. It is also been said that the warm and natural colour of wood really influences one’s state of mind, calms nervous system and generates friendly surroundings for recreation. 

Wooden homes, built in accordance with the modern techniques are highly dependable and long-lasting. Properly notched and preserved houses can stand for decades.

No material has been able to match the exceptional features of wood including strength, sturdiness, and ease of use, natural thermal resistance and solidity. Wood is also suitable for absorption and resistant of vibration. Wooden structures are appropriate also for earthquake areas as very stable and strong constructions. Prefabricated houses have less weight, which in turn decreases the cost of pouring the foundation and allows placement of prefabricated houses in areas with groundwater, which infers a better firmness and strength of prefabricated houses to earthquakes. Building of prefabricated houses is 5 to 10 times quicker than the time required to build a concrete house.

Structures built by Nature Homes have special 5 year repair warranty and 50 year structural warranty with them. Nature homes can design and make the structures according to the specific needs of the client as the structures are 100% customisable.

 Many people often have this doubt that if the houses are made of wood then how come they are eco-friendly. Nature Homes uses all the natural wood, which are sourced from countries like Canada, Germany, Finland and many other Scandinavian countries. These countries have specific licence vendors and special laws for sustainable farming of wood.

So, with the availability of huge hectors of land, when these licensed farmers cuts a tree they have to plant 4 more trees at same time and can then move further. So by the time they cover the complete land and come back to the same place they have more trees available there. The process is called sustainable farming of wood. 

A green building is most likely to succeed in its objective if sustainable features are envisioned and incorporated right at the beginning.


*Contributed by Mr Saurabh Sood, Founder, Nature Homes 



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