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DNA Analysis Can Tell You Which Workout And Diet Plan Is Ideal For You!

Not able to lose those extra kilos? Confused about which supplements to take? Allergic to gluten? Prone to injury or pigmentation? Still figuring out how to tackle such issues? The answer to these and many other health dilemmas lies in your genes!

Gene variants can explain how a person metabolizes macronutrients, vitamins and minerals, why people choose the foods they do (why you crave that savoury chaat or that sweet gulab jamun), an individual’s weight loss propensity, as well as their post-injury recovery speed and endurance capabilities. Now, that’s a lot of information packed in your DNA that you are unaware of. The Human Genome Project, which completed the first map of human genome in 2003 has now made it possible to know what is happening in your body even before health conditions develop.

Your genes can determine all the answers necessary for achieving a healthy body and what works for you in terms of nutrition, as well as medications needed to treat certain conditions.

But, what does any of this mean for the average person like you and me? We already know that our genes are packed with our entire biological map, but so what? How do we get this information?

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Unlocking the secrets of one’s genetic code used to be expensive and confined to very few laboratories world-wide, but advancement in next generation sequencing (NGS) and Genotyping technologies have brought the costs down. This has enabled the business of DNA to help medical professionals make recommendations for a person’s food intake, correct dosage of medications in order to avoid adverse drug reactions, as well as providing all the information a person needs for proactive and preventive health planning. This enables medical professionals to move from one-size fits all approach to courses of action that are highly personalized. There is a gap in the market for personalized wellness solutions including bespoke skin products, as well as nutrition and fitness programs. If you can tailor your clothes and shoes, why can’t you tailor your wellness solutions?

That’s right - DNA testing doesn’t only tell you how much Iranian or Russian blood you have in you. It’s about a lot more than that! And now, it is accessible to you so that you can figure out how many squats you should be doing, and how many carbs you should be consuming to meet your fitness goals. Two people respond to the same workout, and the same diet plan differently. This is why there is such a variety when it comes to the two, and also why, some people absolutely love one fitness regime, while others don’t. It’s not so much the legitimacy of the workouts or the diet charts, as it is about their compatibility with your body.

Now, how can you get your hands on an affordable and easily accessible DNA test? At FutureMed (Check out there website here). They will send you a kit at your doorstep, and all you have to do is send a swab of your cheek lining. Pick the profile you want - wellness, pharmacogenetics, or clinical genomics, and get a detailed analysis of your genes. If you’re opting for the wellness profile, which is what is ideal if you’re looking for insights to better your fitness regime, it’s available at a nominal price of 5760/- INR on their website (click here to book a kit).

What are you waiting for?


Inputs by Chandni Luthra - Co-Founder, FutureMed

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