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3 Ways To Keep Zen In Delhi’s Awful Air

Written by Prachi Gangwani


Debates are over. Verdict is out. There’s no denying that we, in the national capital of India, are living amidst a public health crisis. Politically incorrect as it may be, Delhi NCR, as it stands today, is a slow, but certain gas chamber. With over 18 places in the city with an AQI that has breached the 999 mark on the charts, there’s really no point denying or rationalising, or even trying to understand the cause of this poisonous air we are breathing in on the daily. There’s no point blaming the government, or the neighbours for bursting crackers; no point pressing on about how other cities like Tokyo and New York have dealt with similar crises in the past. Delhi, as per some reports, tops the list of the most polluted cities in the world. Like in places afflicted by an epidemic, or a civil war, as individuals with no power over policies, all we can do is look out for our own mental, and physical safety, and that of our loved ones.

In this spirit, here are three things we can do to stay zen, and somewhat safe, as we inhale and exhale Delhi’s awful air: 

Make indoor time fun and entertaining 

delhi air pollution

It goes without saying that it isn’t exactly advisable to step outside into this thick smog of toxins we are shrouded by. But, for some people, having to stay indoors because stepping out is hazardous may be even more depressing. After all, what are you supposed to do in the confines of four walls? Pick at your calluses? Doze off (tempting as that may be)? Instead of staying indoors without a plan or agenda, as an enforced mandate, do something fun with your time at home. Have friends over. Have a movie marathon. Start a home improvement project. Beat this moroseness with some positivity.

Invest in some indoor plants 

Other than serving as air purifiers and lending us some fresh oxygen, plants are also reminders of life and resilience. They are physical manifestations of calm and happiness, and given how difficult they sometimes can be to keep alive, they come with a sense of purpose. Jokes aside, there is legit science behind the power of indoor plants, and it comes with some regulations.

Choose the right kind of workouts and diet 

delhi air pollution

Deep breathing is relaxing and wonderful at beating stress. But, not when the air you’re breathing in is this toxic. It is generally considered rejuvenating to step out, but you’d be a fool to step out in this air! That being said, moving the body doesn’t only make us feel better, but also helps build immunity and resistance against many diseases. So, move. Move indoors with your doors and windows tightly shut, and preferably near an air purifier, but move. Similarly, food, though not necessarily curative, can help build immunity. Keep your diet loaded with vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. Lastly, keep yourself hydrated with water, and other liquids. 


Image Source: WikiCommons, Pexels



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