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“Consent Pack,” A Box Of Condoms That Opens With Four Hands, Is The Need Of The Hour

Written by Vineeta S


‘No’ is not a word that escapes from between my lips as often as it should. Whether it was to friends, for plans I didn’t feel like obliging; then at office, for work I didn’t have to do, but was asked to anyway; and then, for dates with boys I wasn’t convinced in my heart to say yes to. I just couldn’t get myself to say no, until one day when I realised that my inability to say no was ultimately diminishing the value and meaning of my ‘yes.’

For a long time, I cast it aside as an inferiority complex, which grows out of personal insufficiency and results in not being able to express or prioritise one’s own feelings. But then, when I began to take notice, it seemed like every other woman was a little too familiar with the feeling. The need to please others comes as a consequence to submitting to the norms of the society, that is built on the grave of the word ‘consent.’ Enter, entitlement.

consent condom

Men having been mistakenly given the right to control women, is the reason behind sexual harassment and assaults worldwide, because since an early age, they are taught to dominate as opposed to share their world equally with the other sex. The need to invoke mutual consent in the minds of the people is urgent.

In this vein, an Argentinian company created a product that was long due. Their  'Consent Pack' of condoms requires four hands to open. With the tag lines, “If it’s not a yes, it’s a no,” and “Without consent there is no pleasure,” the brand Tulipan has reinstated our faith in revolution.

They are selling two important things - access to safe sex, and enthusiastic consent. The technology mandates clicking four sets of buttons at the same time, to be able to open the pack, and that can happen only with four hands. It is pure genius!


Joaquin Campins and Christian Rosli, Executive Creative Directors of BBDO Argentina, the agency that built the product, spoke in an interview with CNN and shared how the ‘Consent Pack’ is not meant to be a solution for sexual assault, but a catalyst for open dialogue about sexual relationships, boundaries, consent and social behaviour. 



They further stated, “Tulipán has always spoken of safe pleasure, but for this campaign, we understood that we had to talk about the most important thing in every sexual relationship — pleasure is possible only if you both give your consent.”

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We agree! Based on a survey by AHF Argentina, nearly 20% of Argentinian men never use condoms, 60% use occasionally, and 14.5% use them regularly. Tulipan hopes to sell the product online and we can’t wait for the idea to travel across to India. Big change comes in small steps, and this one is just one of those many steps we need to take, to be able to create an environment that isn’t unsafe or fear-ridden.

Image Source: CBS News, Pexels



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