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Three Beauty Mistakes I Made In My 20s That I Could've Done Without

While it's true that 20s are for making mistakes, there are some that fall in the category of "beauty" that, retrospectively, feel more like a waste than mistakes I find endearing! Honestly, they aren't too wild or any such, perhaps things that most 20-something do with their skin, hair and body in general, but looking back, I feel these were just not worth it. Had I known better, I wouldn't have done these three things: 

Not caring for product quality 

Not that I used too much product to begin with, but every time I purchased something only because it was cheap, not caring for the quality, I mostly threw it away after one or two uses. To be clear, product quality is not always proportionate to product cost.  It's just that the former was not a "thing" for me in my 20s. I figured hey, as long as it does the job of giving some tint to my lips or eyes or whatever it was I needed it to, how did anything else matter? Turns out it does. A poor quality product doesn't work as effectively, and you end up wasting money! 

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Using too much hair product 

 common beauty mistakes

I don't regret colouring my hair in hues of blue and red and green. That was how I chose to express myself in the last decade, and I wouldn't have it any other way. But, I didn't need all the crunching gel, the smoothening mousse, the anti-frizz serum etc. All it's left me with is premature greys, as many people had warned me along the way! 

Not getting enough sleep 

Sleep is an underrated beauty ingredient nobody takes seriously in their 20s. Just because your body can pull that all-nighter out in the club, or slogging for exams or to meet that deadline, doesn't mean that it should. Of course, there are going to be nights you'll spend awake, and there should be plenty such nights! But, one doesn't have to make it a lifestyle! It may not show anywhere else, but it does show on your skin. 

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