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#TBThursday: One Retro Bridal Trend We Can Totally Get Behind

Written by Prachi Gangwani


My mom did this. My best friend’s mom did this. My colleague’s mom, too. Although, the contemporary trend that has taken its place is gorgeous as it is, this is one nine yards of gorgeousness that is as timeless as a Sabyasachi bride herself! 

Yes, I’m talking about nine yards of fabric called ‘sari’. 


The sari needs no introduction. The sari has been a well-known sartorial splendour for decades. Perfect in its unadulterated form, the sari has had no need for reinvention. The sari doesn’t discriminate based on body type, as it immaculately wraps itself around any curves or jutting bones. The sari is eternal. 

Kanjivaram, Banarasi, Bandhini, Chanderi, Ponchapally… the sari spoils for choice. This fabric can be draped in over a hundred different ways, and no, I’m not exaggerating! You can style the same sari differently just by changing the blouse and accessories. A plain black sari is a classic piece of clothing that every woman must have in her arsenal. That said, all saris are versatile! 

If this isn't reason enough to ditch the impractical lehenga for an intemporel sari, consider how controversial this garment is. In a cultural where the female body is a source of shame, an object to be kept hidden from sight for it embarrasses its spectators, the sari is breathtaking rebellion cloaked in tradition. The exposed belly in a neatly draped sari is an exposé of the hypocrisy of our society. The sari is not simply a piece of fabric. It is a statement about the double-standards of sanskaar, and the blamelessness of the female body. 

bridal sari

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bridal sari

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