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Dear "Woke" People, Barack Obama Has Something To Say To You!

Written by Prachi Gangwani


To be “woke”, in the millennial sense of the word, is to be aware of the injustices, biases, prejudices and groupism that exists in the world. But, there is a fine line between fighting for change, and well, just fighting for the sake of it. The anonymity that comes with the Internet makes this line finer - many a woke folks hide behind their screens, and spew hateful comments, nitpicking on very human flaws of others in the name of activism. 

Honestly, I’ve been on either side of this fence of political correctness. I have been politically incorrect myself, and have, without thorough thought and consideration, clapped back at others who’ve been politically incorrect often with no intention to malign. I had my first tryst with political correctness back in college, when a professor pointed out how one can’t say “blind” anymore, when referring to someone who can’t see; the correct term is “visually impaired”. The second time such a thing happened was when Mental Retardation was discarded as an offensive term. I often think about those incidents, and how nobody bothers to explain to us why these terms are not acceptable. I still don’t know why it’s not okay to call someone “blind,” but I don’t use that word anyway. 

Understandably then, a lot of people would not want to adhere to these new and ever-evolving terms of politically correct speech. But, does that always mean they are bigoted and orthodox? And if they are, must that be countered by more hateful speech by those of us who consider ourselves “woke”? 

Former POTUS, and a global favourite, Barack Obama has something important to say on the matter: 


“The world is messy. There are ambiguities. People who do really good stuff have flaws.” Ironically, this is lost even in this culture of supposed liberalism - no matter what side you pick, whether you are a liberal or not, you are still picking a side, forgetting that human life exists along a spectrum. 



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