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Can Music Save Your Mortal Soul? We Think So!

Written by Vineeta S


Often in life, we end up either over- or underestimating the power of certain things and their influence over us. But what we think we fail to register, our subconscious mind archives. Like picking up on certain scents, feelings, and tunes that have an instant effect on our minds and bodies.

Music is one such thing whose power we often underestimate. We may not realise it, but we're always working either in or towards a rhythm. The synchronicity that we so desperately crave in life, is one that we often relate to in the music that sings to our soul. It’s because whatever we listen to has a direct impact on us. The emotions we feel when we listen to a live band, or a song on the radio that makes us tear up, are manifested in our body at a cellular level.

benefits of music keeping zen

Our physical and emotional states are interconnected. If you can perceive through one, you can through the other. Similarly, if you can manifest a state of relaxation for your physical self, it would reflect on the emotional hurricanes going on in your head.

Music can help you brave through those storms in your head. As Oliver Sacks, a renowned writer and professor of neurology wrote in his book, Musicophilia, “Music occupies more areas of our brain than language does – humans are a musical species.”

He shares how music has the power to calm people with Parkinson’s disease, to give words to stroke patients, and even help people suffering from Alzheimer’s to make sense of their memories. It is as close to miracles and magic as we can get.

benefits of music keeping zen

You know how people say that one must choose their company wisely? That should apply to our preferences and choice of songs too. Especially since this is our most convenient respite. You listen to a sad song for too long, it translates in your mood. You wake up listening to some peppy, jazzy numbers, you instantly feel energetic. You listen to romantic songs on a cold night, and feel hopeful about the feeling of love.

It is because every single cell and nerve in our body is tuned in with each other. We just have to figure out how to strike which chord to strum which string, for a complete mental, physical and holistic harmony.


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