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  • metoo stories keeping zen

    He Forcibly Kissed Her. I Saw, But Did Nothing

    Later, I see him holding a young woman’s hand longer than she’d have liked. She pulls back, as he leans in, and comments on her off-shoulder dress. She intuitively pulls the sleeve up, which is, in fact, meant to rest on the middle of her bicep. I stare him down as I walk past him. He doesn’t give a shit. Of course. 

  • unhealthy vegan diet

    Beware Of The Unhealthy Vegan Diet

    Once the initial rush of finding something new that improved my life wore off, I began to struggle with what I imagine most desi vegans struggle with: finding vegan dishes that taste good. 

  • jennifer lopez shakira superbowl 2020

    J.Lo And Shakira's Anti-Ageing Routines: How To Be A Pole-Dancing, Tongue-Wagging Middle-Aged Woman 

    It’s simple - do cardio, lose weight; lift, build muscle; twerk, and your hips will stop lying! But, the sass that these two have, now that’s the real age-defying tool, isn’t it? 

  • how to get over someone

    How To Get Over Someone In The Digital Age

    Download a water-drinking-reminder app: Drinking water has nothing to do with moving on. But, it's important to stay hydrated, and you can't use your broken heart as an excuse to replace water with vodka. Okay? 

  • nature homes india

    Can't Keep Zen BC Green Homes Are The New Trend In Modern Indian Housing!

    The popularity of wooden houses is increasing by the day. Important factors such as energy efficiency, healthy living environment, short construction time and affordable prices are making them an attractive option. Wooden structures are also considered strong, durable, flexible and fire resistant, when treated suitablyAn increasing number of people are realising the benefits of living in a wooden building, and also endorsing the idea.