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How To Keep Zen While You Self-Quarantine

While for many of us, working remotely is a dream, doing so while stuck at home with nowhere to go, and corona-anxiety looming over our heads, is not exactly how we envisioned it. When we think about remote working, we imagine sitting in a cafe, sipping on French press coffee while we furiously type away, and then later in the evening, we catch up with friends and family. Freedom of mobility is what we really want when we want to work remotely. On the contrary, here we are, schools, movie theatres, and gyms shut, and our travel plans cancelled, with a prescription of social-distancing. 

It feels like the world around us is collapsing. The economy is in shambles. Many industries are suffering, and there seems to be no reprieve in sight. How can one possibly "keep Zen" in these unprecedented and unpredictable times? Well, we can't create artificial bliss by pretending that nothing has happened, and that we are staying home out of choice and not to avoid falling sick and making others sick. But, we can keep ourselves from losing our mind while we do this! 

Remember the statistics, and keep in mind that these measures are pre-emptive

For one, the rate of recovery from COVID-19 is significantly higher than the mortality rate. Amid all this panic, we are forgetting that while Coronavirus is dangerous, it is not necessarily fatal. Yes, people are dying from it, and we wish that wouldn’t happen. But, people are also recovering, and at a remarkably high rate. While we take these pre-emptive measures and do our bit to stop the spread of the virus, let’s focus on the positive. 

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Utilise this time to work on that dream project 

All of us have that something we want to do, but never seem to find the time or space for it. Well, now is the time. Want to set up a garden at home? Take up painting? Learn pottery or how to play the guitar? Write a book? What’s stopping you now? 

Work out at home



A lot of us find it difficult to exercise at home, but in these trying times, taking care of yourself is of utmost importance. There are plenty of good workout tutorials that you can find online. Staying active indoors will uplift your mood, and boost your immunity. 

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Social-distancing doesn't mean you don't stay in touch 

The speed at which Coronavirus, an illness in a tiny village in China, has become a topic of conversation for all of us all around the world is largely owed to the Internet, or digitalisation of information. The panic, too, has been created by the bombardment of information we are facing at the moment. And, it can be countered using the same tools! Now, while many of us all over the world are staying in, is the time to catch up with your long-distance friends and family. Heck, not just long-distance, but also those who are in the same city, but don’t wish to step out of their home. Don’t underestimate the power of sharing a glass of wine with your bestie over video chat. 

Negotiate personal space as you spend all your time indoors with family, or your partner, or roommate(s)

With no option to step out even for a cup of coffee, how do you make sure you get enough space from your family, partner, or roommates - whoever you are currently cohabiting with? It’s neither healthy nor pleasant to be in each other’s faces all the time. Giving, and taking space, is a new ballgame right now. Emphasise on ‘me-time’. Step into the balcony or a different room, or simply find ways to zone out even while you hang out in the same room. You don’t, and shouldn’t, have to do everything together just because you’re stuck in this together!   

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