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5 Ways To Avoid An Existential Crisis While You're Stuck At Home Avoiding Coronavirus

Just a couple of weeks ago, we were all going about life as usual. India had only a handful of confirmed cases of Covid-19, the virus that has now been declared a pandemic. Only in the last couple of days, the numbers have gone from two digits to three, and are continuing to rise. Nobody knows when this is going to be curbed, or how. And now, most of us are stuck at home, with movie theatres, schools, and gyms shut. Most travel plans have been cancelled, and new ones are certainly not being made. Many offices have told their employees to work from home, at least for the next couple of weeks. 

This may sound like a blessing… Haven’t each one of us, at some point, wished that we could just stay at home with nothing to do? But now that it’s happening, we are bored and frustrated, and panicking! Mother Nature, who has understandably been displeased with our behaviour, seems to have put on her Maa Kali avatar, and is telling us to slow down, drop all pretences and defences, and sort out our lives… starting with learning to wash hands properly. It feels like a forced existential crisis… like, wait, we weren’t washing our hands right? We could’ve had all these meetings over email? We could’ve spent more time with our family and friends, and still worked the same amount? Or made the same money? And save more? Is remote work how life is supposed to be? But wait… it’s 4 pm, and you’re done with work, and now you don’t know what to do with your time? And now you begin to feel hollow because there seems to be nothing in your life other than the same, ghisa-pita routine? Is this all there is to life? 

Hold your horses! 

Honestly, at this point, it seems like this panic and its consequences loom larger than the actual threat of Covid-19. Nonetheless, maybe it’s best to pre-empt this one rather than have our healthcare system flooded beyond its capacity, as is happening in some parts of the world. 

So, while you’re stuck at home, we’re bringing you some ways to keep Zen, and not have an existential crisis with all this time, and freedom, on your hands! 


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If you’re a reader already, you’re probably loving this self-isolation, and social-distancing, or whatever it is that they’re calling this. This is a great time to catch up on all those books getting dusty and crusty, lying on your bookshelf. Non-readers, start reading, and yes, even comic strips and articles like this one on the Internet count! 

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Use all this time with family, to make a family tree 

It’s a fun way to get some family secrets out, and it will help you understand yourself better! You’ll realise there are patterns that run in your family. Perhaps the youngest born mostly does something to break the mold. Perhaps the middle child mostly ends up in troubled relationships. Perhaps women are married off young, while men in your family generally marry much younger women. If you want to break old familial patterns, you need to understand them first, and now is a great time to get started! 

Learn to cook 

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With the way the world is headed, we may soon have to save all our money, grow our own vegetables and eat food that we are certain is clean. And the only way to do this is to learn how to cook. Maybe right now is also a good time to see if you can really sustain that diet you’ve been considering. I, for one, recently tried to turn vegan, but soon realised that it’s challenging to come up with vegan recipes that are appetising and easy to cook. Maybe right now is the time to figure this out! 

Finally work on that dream project you’ve been secretly thinking of! 

You’ll probably never get another opportunity like this, where you have paid sick leaves, while you’re hail and hearty. This is a blessed time! Put it to good use and finally work on that dream project you have that you never find the time for. What is it? Setting up a garden? Writing a book? Going back to guitar lessons? Taking up dance lessons? Okay, maybe the last one, you’ll have to do online. But, still… do something you’ve always wanted to do, but never found the time for! 

And lastly, keep Zen, and yoga on! 



This is the only physical activity that can be either slow and calming, or fast and challenging, and you can do it anywhere anytime, without any equipment! Every single time you do it, you will finish feeling better. Over time, you’ll be stronger, more mentally alert and Zen, and you will build immunity. We’ve known this for thousands of years, and tens of thousands of people, living and dead, have been living proof of the benefits of Yoga. So, enough excuses. Just do it! 

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