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50 Familiar Things That Are Still Happening In The World Despite A Near-Global Shutdown

These days, it feels like Coronavirus making people all over the world sick, is the only thing that’s happening in the world. We sometimes have to really scratch our heads over what we used to talk or think about before staying indoors, and social distancing became a way of life! We know it hasn’t been that long, but it sure feels like it, doesn’t it? Perhaps because we don’t know how long this will last. Life as we’ve known it seems to have come to a halt. Everyone - from digital marketers to the local vendors, cab drivers to delivery guys, restaurant owners, doctors, and homemakers alike - is impacted by this global pandemic.  

But while we’re grappling with this new reality, there are old, familiar things still happening in the world. If you’re longing for a sense of familiarity, here’s a list of things other than COVID-19 still happening, but we’re not talking about them:

1. New life is still being born 

2. People are still falling sick from diseases we can cure 

3. Our fur babies love us just the same

4. Friends are still hanging out together, though some of us, on Facetime

5. Hearts are still breaking 

6. But, sure enough, some people are still falling in love. Or at least, staying in love

7. Musicians are still making music 

8. Writers are still writing 

9. Artists are still making art

10. Our neighbour aunty still wants us single ones to get married 

coronavirus funny articles  

11. And married ones to make babies 

12. Abusers are still abusing their victims

13.Patriarchy persists

14. Kids are still learning new things every day, thanks to the Internet

15. Some are working out from home 

16. We still have ambivalent feelings about our boss

17. Weddings may be getting cancelled, but marriages are going on as usual

18. Parents and children still have a generation gap 

19. Beauty aficionados are still putting on face masks

20. We are still binging on TV shows 

how to cope with global pandemic

21. Those with mental health issues still have those mental health issues 

22. People are still cooking and eating every day - and perhaps coming up with new recipes 

23. We can still nurture that garden at home 

24. Politicians are still saying weird things 

25. We are still telling each other jokes 

26. We still have birthdays

27. Memes still have us laugh 

28. And thank God for all those blessed souls still making those memes! 

29. We still have unread books on our shelf 

30. Women still get periods 

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31. Families still sit together for meals 

32. Those with family far away are still staying in touch, and perhaps more conscientiously now

33. But, those who had been fighting before are probably still fighting 

34. We still have a love-hate relationship with our siblings

35. Those of us who have a partner, are still having sex

36. And those who don’t, are still masturbating

37. Introverts are still loving being on their own 

38. Extroverts are still itching to step out 

39. We are still ageing 

40. We still have good hair days and bad hair days 

how to cope with self isolation

41. We can still shop online

42. People are still body shaming 

43. We still love celebrity gossip

44. And all sorts of gossip, really

45. We are still working, and many of us are still getting paid (We should be super grateful for this BTW)

46. And we still have unwanted hair

47. We can still stalk our exes, and their current partners, or our current partner’s exes online… basically we can continue being digital voyeurs 

48. Racism persists

49. Kids are still being cute, or annoying, or both at once! 

50. We still wake up, poop, shower, eat, breathe. We are still alive

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