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  • 10 Zen questions with Manisha Kohli

    10 Zen Questions With Manisha Kohli

    Manisha Kohli, an innovation designer and founder of The Yoga Chakra Studios, is best known for being among the few trained Aerial Yogis in the country. According to her, aerial yoga helps one understand the flow of the body. Growing up, watching her father do all sorts of headstands and other yoga asanas, she felt enticed by the art.

  • 10 Zen Questions with Zubin Atre

    10 Zen Questions With Zubin Atre

    Zubin Atre, the founder and director of the AtreYoga Studio, is a lot of things. But, most of all, an inspiration. An entrepreneur turned yoga specialist, who started his career in New Delhi by setting up a yoga business, has had a rather remarkable transition from the corporate life to the creative life.