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10 Zen Questions With Sumiran Annamaria Kashyap A.K.A. Thinking Totty

Written by Vineeta S


Sumiran Annamaria Kashyap, better known as Thinking Totty, who unconsciously imbibed an appreciation for fashion at a young age is a personification of the aspiring millennial woman. A blogger, a wellness and beauty writer, and a confident young woman, she took everything, from her passion to love to luck in her stride to create what she has today. Thinking Totty came when she realised that the world lacked inter-personal stories.  

‘Totty’, is an urban British street slang word for a smart, sexy and intelligent woman. Sumiran’s modification of the phrase , “I’m a Thinking Man’s Totty,” by taking out the word, ‘man’ doesn’t imply her page is a man-bashing platform. Just that one can be a Totty and Think too; and she reckons Thinking Men like Thinking Totties.

Sumiran believes, “I have what I call beauty-hungry eyes. I delight in all facets of beauty. It helps me remember I’m alive, I’m still standing, and that the world has a lot of love to give in spite of everything. I consider it a gift and I believe it’s my soul-purpose to share this gift by writing and curating memorable stories. These stories could be experiences, life-lessons, or helpful tips - but they all have to make the Totties out there Think!”

thinking totty

My morning routine

I need at least half an hour of complete, utter silence after  I wake up. Sometimes I spend this time meditating and sometimes I do absolutely nothing at all. It’s a myth that it’s only  men who can go through any length of time, just sitting there, thinking nothing at all. Women can do it too. For me, it’s very important to have this time of ‘no-thinking’ in order to be Thinking Totty for the rest of the day. I must admit I’m a bit of a princess, I need a cup of hot, hot, hot tea in bed before I can consider gliding out of it. I only glide out of bed, jumping out of bed is not becoming on old souls in young bodies. It’s not fashionable at all. I take bath-time rituals very seriously because I’m very sensorial; and I’m a big breakfast person. I can’t have breakfast on the go. I’ve to sit down for it and enjoy it.

One workout / exercise I hate

Hate is a strong word for workout/ exercise. It’s not the workout or the exercise I hate, it’s the holier-than-thou attitude of some of the workout/excercise lovers that makes me irritable.

And one I love

I’ve realised I’ve never been one for organised classes and memberships when it comes to fitness.  I love running; and combine that with jumping rope, squats and 5-7 kg weights. I’m not as consistent and disciplined as I once was, unfortunately. But, I’m getting back on track!

Favourite health food

A glass of Moringa or Beetroot Juice.

Favourite cheat meal

French Fries

thinking totty

What I do to de-stress

I get an oil massage for my back if not my whole body. I take my bathtime rituals in the evenings as seriously as I do in the mornings. The smell of burning Loban in my room at the end of a long day really helps alleviate overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety; but sometimes I take a pick from my collection of essential oils, too.

One health fad that makes me giggle

The raw food revolution.

One health trend I want to / have already tried

I have already tried the raw food revolution, and as i mentioned above, it made me giggle!

My vices

A tendency towards emotional eating is one. Unfortunately, I can be very vicious and cutting with my words when I’m angry. For my other vices, you’’ll have to wait (a while!) for The Book That Almost Didn’t Get Written.

One thing I always do before I go to bed

In the not so distant past, I came very close to losing everything I’ve known myself to be. Had I given up, I’d have broken the hearts of people who’ve broken their backs to raise me. I would’ve disappointed people who’ve seen me grow up, believing I would really amount to something. It was crucial for me to introspect and do the needful, to break certain stagnant, repetitive patterns. That made for a very convoluted and lonely journey and it wasn’t the cross my family and friends had to bear.

But, I managed. It has only  since the start of 2019, that I’ve truly been feeling like myself. For the fruits of that convoluted and lonely journey, I give thanks to some special souls of the departed and to the Universe, every night. Without fail.

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