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10 Zen Questions With Manisha Kohli

Written by Vineeta S


Manisha Kohli, an innovation designer and founder of The Yoga Chakra Studios, is best known for being among the few trained Aerial Yogis in the country. According to her, aerial yoga helps one understand the flow of the body. Growing up, watching her father do all sorts of headstands and other yoga asanas, she felt enticed by the art. It was when she noticed the practise was often taught in a monotonous fashion, and perpetuates the age old belief that yoga is only for the flexible, that she decided to teach, in order to spread the message that yoga is not just for the flexible, but has a balance of strength, focus, and mind and body wellness.

Today, she owns a Vinyasa and an Aerial Yoga Studio in the heart of New Delhi, with a vision to make yoga fun for the younger generation. Living her best life, and offering  one to the millennials too, she shares with us in 10 Zen questions, what her daily routine looks like, what she likes to do, and what makes her giggle. :

10 Zen Questions with Manisha Kohli

My morning routine

I wake up at 6 am, start the day with my morning waters of neem and kadi patta, lemon, aloe etc. I also always try and get in some pranayama, followed by an hour and a half of ashtanga practise.

One workout / exercise I hate

It’s hard to answer, but arm balances are not my best friends.

And one I love

Downward dog

Favourite health food

Has to be seeds. All types of them.

Favourite cheat meal

Italian pasta: spaghetti

10 Zen Questions with Manisha Kohli

What I do to de-stress

Go for a walk or for a run

One health fad that makes me giggle

Beer yoga!

One health trend I want to / have already tried

Healthy shots

My vices

I am sure I have plenty, but I obsess about workouts!

One thing I always do before I go to bed

Play with my dog