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10 Zen Questions With Debiparna Chakraborty

Debiparna Chakraborty, an entertainment journalist, a film critic, and a video creator  is one of the fiercest and strongly opinionated women you'll find on the Internet. She believes in finding her own path in life, and even though it hasn’t been easy for her to explain why she does certain things in a certain way, she has no qualms about living  life on her terms.

Outspoken, not just in her words but also in her actions, Debiparna is an enthusiast and advocate of body positivity, an intersectional feminist, and in her own words, ‘a work in progress.’ She enjoys being in the moment and not taking life too seriously. Her philosophy is, “Live and let live. Life is short but it can be painfully long and overbearing if we don't live it right.”


My morning routine

I've been doing this thing lately, where I pick up my phone to reply to the 'Good Morning' texts to my parents and then keeping it aside. No checking the notifications, especially the news before I have showered, had my breakfast, and left for work. I catch up with all the negativity of the world on my way to work to stay up to date.

One workout / exercise I hate

I hate walking/running. I hate sweating, and anyway I sweat a lot more than normal, I always have.

And one I love

I love to swim. I can swim for hours without getting bored or tired.

Favourite health food

I love fresh fruits in the summers. I can survive on fruits and yogurt if need be. I quite like chia seeds too.

Favourite cheat meal

KFC smoky grilled and zinger burger. Or biryani and rezala!!


What I do to de-stress

Weirdly enough, chopping vegetables and cooking something that I have to improvise as I go along is what de-stresses me. I can focus entirely on the manual labour of it, and engage my mind creatively without letting it stray on odd thoughts detrimental to my mental health. Painting also helps; with water colours.

One health fad that makes me giggle

I once tried the whole "cabbage soup" diet, or least attempted to try. The whole house smelled like farts and everyone was so repulsed, we ended up throwing it all away. I admire the souls who have actually attempted this and come out of it without losing friends or family.

One health trend I want to / have already tried

Mindfulness! I think I'm already making conscious efforts to be more mindful, to be more present in the now, but I would like to take it to the next level somehow this year.

My vices

I get bored of eating the same food quite often and end up ordering out. That's one thing I would really like to stop. It's better for the health as well as the pocket.

One thing I always do before I go to bed

I often listen to soothing music on a loop or watch ASMR videos that are meant to aid you in sleeping better. I love the tingles you get from ASMR videos!

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