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  • Debiparna

    10 Zen Questions With Debiparna Chakraborty

    Debiparna Chakraborty, an entertainment journalist, a film critic, and a video creator  is one of the fiercest and strongly opinionated women you'll find on the Internet. She believes in finding her own path in life, and even though it hasn’t been easy for her to explain why she does certain things in a certain way, she has no qualms about living  life on her terms.

  • buttlikeanapricot

    10 Zen Questions With Simran Khosla A.K.A. @buttlikeanapricot

    Simran Khosla, known on Instagram as @buttlikeanapricot, who joined the fitness wagon after a bout of depression in 2015, from which her only respite had been working out, is now an ambassador for promoting wellness amongst millennials.

  • 10 Zen questions with Manisha Kohli

    10 Zen Questions With Manisha Kohli

    Manisha Kohli, an innovation designer and founder of The Yoga Chakra Studios, is best known for being among the few trained Aerial Yogis in the country. According to her, aerial yoga helps one understand the flow of the body. Growing up, watching her father do all sorts of headstands and other yoga asanas, she felt enticed by the art.

  • Thinking Totty

    10 Zen Questions With Sumiran Annamaria Kashyap A.K.A. Thinking Totty

    Sumiran believes, “I have what I call beauty-hungry eyes. I delight in all facets of beauty. It helps me remember I’m alive, I’m still standing, and that the world has a lot of love to give in spite of everything. I consider it a gift and I believe it’s my soul-purpose to share this gift by writing and curating memorable stories. These stories could be experiences, life-lessons, or helpful tips - but they all have to make the Totties out there Think!”

  • 10 Zen Questions with Zubin Atre

    10 Zen Questions With Zubin Atre

    Zubin Atre, the founder and director of the AtreYoga Studio, is a lot of things. But, most of all, an inspiration. An entrepreneur turned yoga specialist, who started his career in New Delhi by setting up a yoga business, has had a rather remarkable transition from the corporate life to the creative life.