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Perthro Is A Jewellery Brand Breaking The Status Quo One Elegant Piece At A Time

Equality: the state of being equal in status, rights, or opportunity. 

Equality: where all members of a society are in equal standing. 

Equality: an ideal of uniformity in treatment or status by those in a position to affect either. 

Equality: that which does not exist in our society. 

We, the most social of all living beings, are separated by many factors - gender and sex, religion, economic status, race, and finally, physical ability and disability. 

The most tangible, and ironically, the most invisible factor of diversity among us is the last one - physical ability. One can accentuate sex and hide it with clothes; one can express gender, or morph it; economic status makes itself apparent with objects we own and places we visit, but remains hidden behind the shared humanness that exists regardless of money, education and one’s pin code; race comes in different skin tones, but is united by the fact that we are all flesh and bones; religion is heard in prayers, held together in piety. 

But, physical ability or disability is that one factor of diversity which one doesn’t have to be born with - an accident, or illness can change the destiny of a fully able person. This is that one factor of diversity which looms over all of us, regardless of which sex we were born into, or what religion we follow, or how much money we have in our bank account. Yet, or maybe precisely because of this, we ignore it - we ignore those who don’t have the same physical functions as we do. They are a different group - with their own “special” schools, and paralympics. Heck, in our country, up until recent times, many people with disability would be kept locked up at home, away from public life. 

We may not be able to make accessible buildings and transportation all over the country in our lifetime, but we can celebrate small victories, and simple pleasures. In this spirit, here’s celebrating this gorgeous pendant by Perthro, with the word ‘Equality’ written on it in Braille. 

perthro jewellery

perthro jewellery

Perthro is a jewellery brand started by the 24-year-old Rintumainty Mondal, which is breaking the silence around social barriers that impact all of us, but we collectively brush them under the rug. It was Perthro’s very first collection called La Figa, which means ‘The Pussy’ in Italian, that had us hooked! 

Representing female sexuality with wearable pieces that resemble the vulva, uterus, the moon cycle, placenta and more, this collection is a beautiful contribution to the fight against cloaking the feminine in shame. With delicateness and flair, La Figa is a middle finger we can wear to date nights and wedding dinners. 

Here are some pieces, and the inspiration behind them: 

The Last Breath

This piece is inspired by a tattoo that described the love of a mother for her lost child. This earring is all about the bond between the mother and child.


The Uterus Earrings

A reminder that the uterus is not a baby-making machine! 


The Umbilical Cord Neckpiece

To honour the beautiful bond between a mother and a child.

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This festive season, we wanted to celebrate the beautiful relation between a mother and her child and hence we designed the minimalistic "UMBILICAL CORD" Neckpiece. According to Perthro, the child may or may not be a human representation. It can also be found in form of love for certain things in life. However, we also believe that "Mother Nature" is the ultimate progenitor nurturing us, through decades. #perthro #perthrojewellery #neckpiece #handmade #jewellery.

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Pomelo Neckpiece

Inspired by Stephanie Sarley's Lemon Orgasm Project, POMELO Neckpiece.


Perthro has taken our breath away, much like that orgasm that all of us deserve! 



Behind the Equality photos: 

Models: Margot Bareyt, Anjishnu Banerjee
Photography: Aniket Paul
Assisted by: Anusua Paul

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