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  • workout tips for beginners

    How To Start Exercising, If You...

    The average person today has a sedentary lifestyle, with little inclination toward incorporating physical activity. 

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  • Corporate Belly: How To Avoid Weight...

    Many people join well-paying, and promising corporate jobs with the hopes of expanding their horizons, not realising that expanding waistlines are often a byproduct, if no preventive measures are taken.

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    how to lose weight in a desk job
  • home workout tips

    Three Obstacles To Working Out At...

    I have seldom considered joining a class to get that pump of motivation, discipline and space - the three ingredients I have come to identify as necessary for a home...

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  • How Yoga Helped Me Ace My...

    Inhale, dunk head, hold, loosen the body, and float. In yoga words - breathe, hold, relax. RELAX.

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    swimming for beginners
  • menstrual health keeping zen

    All You Need To Know About...

    *Written by Shireen, originally published on LAIQA

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