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  • acne prone skin care tips keepingzen

    I'm A Dermatologist's Daughter. Here's Everything...

    Growing up, I'd often spend evenings at my father's clinic, thanks to the lack of reliable nannies back in the day. I'd watch women lament about unrelenting acne, and my...

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  • How To Pick The Right Anti-Ageing...

    There are three ingredients that are used in this category of cosmeceuticals. It's important to pick the correct one, based on your skin type, and age.

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  • acne prone skin care keeping zen

    If You Have Acne-Prone Skin, AVOID...

    Beauty products - organic, cosmetic, or cosmeceutical - are segregated by skin type. Normal, dry, oily, all. Seldom do we see 'acne-prone' in there.

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  • Soak Up Some Vitamin-C Serum! All...

    With its wonderful benefits, and minimal side-effects, Vit-C is just what your skin needs after a long, hard day at work.

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