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  • beauty tips 30s keepingzen

    4 Things I Stopped Doing With...

    For me, 30s meant putting a halt to some of my "carefree" beauty habits of the last decade.

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  • Almost There: The Hilarious Story Of...

    The wax had gotten stuck to the hair, and was as reluctant to come out as a kid not wanting to go to school on a Monday morning. Ouch!

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    bikini wax keepingzen
  • 5 Beauty Trends We'd Like To See Make A Comeback

    5 Beauty Trends We'd Like To...

    We find ourselves incessantly drawn to a few trends that may date back decades, but haven’t aged a day in terms of looking sexy. 

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  • Is Skin-Care Vanity, Or Self-Love?

    Contributed by Vandana Chawla 

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    skin care tips keepingzen
  • skin care tips keepingzen

    5 Signs It's Time To Re-evaluate...

    Bella has a thorough, multi-step skin-care routine. She goes home after stressful days at work, slaps on one of her many masks (not figurative masks; sheet masks), and basks in...

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