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8 Women On Their Daily Beauty Routine + Dermatologist's Recommendation

There are a few things girls can’t live without. For example, our girlfriends, phones, and our vanity pouches; basically all the things us women would ever need to conquer the world. Just sayin’... In case that were to happen, we’d want to look our best. We already have an action plan for it. It’s called ‘daily beauty and skin-care routine.’

Beauty and skin-care routines are not one-size-fits-all. Some women like to abstain from any kind of product, and some like to pamper their skin with all sorts of fancy things. We asked eight women in their 20s how many beauty products they use on a daily basis. Here’s what they had to say:

Akanksha Joshi: Air Hostess, 25
I generally like to start my day with a little CTM (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising) routine. Then, I always use a sunscreen before putting on my BB cream. Since I work in aviation, my make-up has to be on fleek. So I use liner, mascara, blush and a lip colour almost daily during the tenure of my flights.

Khyati Bhardwaj: HR Manager, 27
I am the least make-up savvy person anyone would ever meet. I only ever use a liner and a lip shade, that too in a rush to get to office. Even the concept of moisturising goes past me!

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Yashima Makkar: Corporate Auditor, 23
I never leave the house without putting on my wet and dry foundation, my Diana of London lipshade, a sleek liner and mascara. My all time essentials, all day every day!

Saloni Pahwa: Corporate Auditor, 22
I use Lakme and Dove face cream and body cream on a daily basis. Lip shades are always a must for me. On days that I do put on make-up, probably when I head out for parties, I don’t apply it without a primer, along with a little foundation.

Sanya Arora: NIFT Student, 23
I keep my daily beauty products to a minimum since I feel I’m already blessed with smooth skin.  I use a face cream and a sunscreen mostly. And lip balm over lipsticks for me any day!

Radhika Dudeja: Milan Fashion Student, 23
While I was back in India, I used to head out too often for social events, and use a variety of beauty products. However, here in Milan, the air feels natural pleasant to my skin, so I’ve cut down to using a moisturiser for hydration, concealer for under-eye bags, a little blush and lipstick.

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Garima Hasija: Travel Consultant, 23
I’ve always been a minimalist when it came to using products on my skin, but ever since I’ve started working, I’ve started using moisturiser, concealer, a little foundation and of course, lipstick to add that pop of colour.

Ishita Gupta: Founder and Designer, Vaidaan (Jewellery Brand), 26
I have separate skin care routines for the day and for the night. I start the day with proper cleansing, toning, Vitamin-E mist and a moisturiser before I put on any foundation or lip balm. At night, I use a face scrub to clean my face, followed by rose water, moisturiser and then an eye cream for under eye bags.

While we don’t forget putting on layers of products on our faces, we sometimes forget taking it off and at other times, we let our skin be barren and barred from any skincare product, believing  we’re too young to start caring yet. Millennial mindset, I tell you.

We talked to Dr. O.P. Gangwani, a Dermatologist who has worked extensively with patients with acne and ageing. He suggests that in order to maintain the youthful skin and charm, it is important to find a balance when it comes to using beauty products.

Using a cleanser in the morning followed by a simple moisturiser with minimum SPF 30, for whenever you’re heading outdoors is a must before we put on  make-up. He also suggests using moisturisers with anti-pollution ingredients for better results.

In the evenings when you get back home, using water-based makeup remover along with a thin layer of moisturiser can be sufficient to hydrate the skin with what it needs. Apart from which, Dr. Gangwani recommends using a facepack once a week for rejuvenation, and a glowing skin.  

Doesn’t sound that hectic, does it? It’s not. Contrary to popular belief, skin-care doesn’t have to take hours. It just needs to be daily. It’s a small step, but small steps make for big changes!  


Image Source: Pexels



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