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5 Beauty Trends We'd Like To See Make A Comeback

Style is something that is invented, and re-invented, time and again. While we love the innovation, and look forward to beauty predictions every year, once in a while, we like to go back to what we loved most. It’s like passing up on that backless gown for a classic LBD, or switching from ironed curls to the good old crimped curls from the 80s. There was just something so different yet familiar about those trends. The way they felt or rather made us feel, is, quite honestly, evergreen. 

So naturally when it comes to beauty, we find ourselves incessantly drawn to a few trends that may date back decades, but haven’t aged a day in terms of looking sexy. Here are five we'd like to see make a comeback: 

  1. Glossy lips for that Insta-perfect pout  
    You could just pucker them into a slight pout and the shine from the gloss would sparkle in your eyes, and linger in your mind for even longer. Don’t get us wrong here, we do love the matte and fuller lips, but using a gloss has always felt like a breeze. Easy, light and perfect to do the trick. This one is definitely a keeper!
  1. French Manicures that match your entire wardrobe 
    Another one that never left our hearts, or our vanity bucket lists, is the French manicure! The white, filed tips that would instantly stand out, making your hands look neat and presentable. This one's a classic! Yes, the gel nail paint and the nail art with all that jazz is pretty too, but the way this one goes with whatever you’re wearing is a blessing! In our experience, french kiss and french tips never run out of fashion!

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  1. Glitter it up!
    Call it a 90s kid thing, or just the fact that glitter makes anything look prettier. And this writer, for one, has always been enamoured by how expressive it can make your eye-shadow. When you embellish it with sparkles, it doesn’t just add drama, but also so much character to your look. Whether it's a dominant element of your look, or sleek liner with a glittering tinge, this trend is one we are happy to welcome with open arms and fluttering eyelashes.

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  1. A-Grading with Braiding
    One of the most loved beauty trends that needs to come back is braided hair! Yes, we love the tousled and blown-out hair look that came in a wave with Selena Gomez, but the bohemian yet sexy appearance some accent braids give still stands unparalleled. Braids don’t just keep your hair compact and stylish, but also add another layer of edge and texture that would make you fall in love with yourself all over again. Last we checked, loving yourself is trending, too!

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  1. Head Scarves all the way
    Headscarves are undoubtedly the most fashionable and iconic beauty trends to hit the world. From Audrey Hepburn's printed head gear accessorised with larger than life shades, to Madam Maya's turban-esque statement pieces that make you feel you've ''arrived,'' head scarves aren't always a symbol of oppression. When done right, and of your own volition, they can be symbolic of women in power who can't be bothered with hair flying in their busy faces. But, it's not just about keeping your hair out of the way. Scarves protect your hair from all the heat, and dust we are exposed to. The biggest plus, though, is that it makes for a quick, easy and affordable high-fashion look! 

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