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Soak Up Some Vitamin-C Serum! All The Reasons Why You Should Start Using This Magic Potion

Between keeping up with work and your personal life, it can get a little too hard to find and maintain that balance we like to call sanity. And while for everything else, we have a good workout, or alcohol or good company to fall back on, we tend to leave one major part unattended – our skin.

Imagine what it must go through, with the constant bombardment of makeup everyday, to absorbing all the dirt and pollution in the air, to facing the wrath of the sun. There is no break, no respite, no reckoning. And just like that, day by day, we shed what once used to be our beautiful skin, to accumulate a carcass of dead and harsh skin cells.



Your skin deserves better than that; you deserve better than that. And yes, quitting your much-loved makeup products, or not letting the polluted air affect you is akin to asking you to fetch the stars. But, a little self-care can go a long way.

Say hello to Vitamin-C Serum - a cosmeceutical ingredient that is popular for all the right reasons! With its wonderful benefits, and minimal side-effects, Vit-C is just what your skin needs after a long, hard day at work.

This powerful anti-oxidant repairs and restores damaged cells by boosting the levels of collagen, thus leaving your skin refreshed and evenly toned. Not just that, if applied carefully and consistently, it has been shown to bless you with a wrinkle-free and glowing skin.



Doctors have been recommending Vitamin-C since time immemorial as a dietary supplement to help in repairing of tissue. The serum is an advancement of this, to tend to the skin and curb the effects of ageing, and skin damage. You take it in small amounts, dab and spread gently over your face and neck with your fingertips, and let the magic potion sink in.

While it is usually safe for most skin types, look out for a potential rash or redness that may lead to irritation. In which case, you might want to reduce the amount and number of times you use the serum. Ideally though, consult a dermatologist in case of an adverse reaction.

There is a reason Vitamin-C is touted as one of the most effective products for skin-care. Maybe it’s time you test it out for yourself?


Image Source: Pexels

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