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how to let go

How To Let Go If You Feel Too Much

I hope dropping biscuits in the tea counted as ‘to stop holding something’ because that’s something I already do. But being a person whose emotions come from the deepest parts of the heart, it’s hard to release anything I have ever felt.

strong mindset

Strong Mindset: Here’s How You Can Build One!

Keeping my desperate attempt at smart idioms aside, all the hitches in my life have actually helped me build a strong mindset. 

casual sexism

Casual Sexism: Three Problematic Statements I Once Found Okay

I had to resort to my own introspection, understanding, and unlearning and I am so sorry it took me so long to learn and gather the courage to break this down for myself. Just like me, if you have been holding on to some beliefs that aren’t even yours, I guess it’s a good time to let go of them. Come, let’s do it together! 

self care for women

A 6-Step Recipe For Self-Care For Women

Self love is beyond unconditionally loving your body or journaling every now and then. It’s a prerequisite for well-being.

feminist pakistani tv shows

Pakistani TV Shows With Female Characters You’ll Fall In Love With

Let’s just all agree here that the only way ‘Rasode Mein Kon Tha?’ became bearable…

marriage love letter

An Open Letter to the Man I Will Marry

How tall you measure in inches doesn’t matter as much as how tall you’d stand up for me, and to me.

twenty something

11 Perfect Confessions Of An Imperfect 23-Year-Old

Sometimes, my heart thinks too much and my mind feels too much. No, don’t think I mixed the two things; that’s exactly what I mean.

gender roles india

8 Things 20-Something Women Want Men To Know

Years of suppressed silences has led to many misconceptions about both men and women. Let’s take a moment to clear out the air.