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moving on after divorce

Moving On After A Marriage Ends: With Abhishek Kashyap, Founder Of Rekindle

‘India has the lowest divorce rate, but the highest absolute numbers of divorce,’ Abhishek Kashyap…

rituparna chatterjee

Healing With Radical Self-Love, with Rituparna Chatterjee

True to the meaning of her name, Rituparna has embraced the permanent impermanence of life’s journey. In her brave and haunting memoir, The Water Phoenix, she pens down her journey of healing from loss, sexual abuse and psychological trauma. But, I hesitate to call her a survivor or a fighter. She doesn’t endorse these terms or the philosophy behind it. 

self care that works

Non-Instagramable Self-Care That Actually Works 

There is nothing wrong with consumerist spirituality, for it makes people think about wellness. But, in this age of Instagramable everything, we run the risk of turning well-being into something that must be pretty all the time. Something outwardly. Indulgent. Out-of-the-ordinary. But, self-care is ordinary. It doesn’t always come in the form of bubble baths and spa days, or raw diets or sheet masks. 

benefits of cbd

Benefits Of CBD: There Are Many Happy Users, But Where’s the Research? 

Himachal is home to the popular Malana Cream found in Parvati Valley. But, this hippie…

benevolent sexism

Is Benevolent Sexism Hurting Your Relationship?

According to Glick & Fiske, benevolent sexism refers to “attitudes about women that seem positive in tone but nonetheless connote inferiority to men based on fragility, lack of competence, or need of help and protection.” 

adoption in india

All You Need To Know About Adoption In India, With Tanya Appachu 

I first spotted Tanya in an Instagram reel about rights of married women. I was…

why does my period smell so bad

Does Your Period Smell Bad? Here’s What’s Normal And What’s Not

Period blood is basically tissue and blood. So, obviously, it will smell a bit funky. Normal period smell is coppery, or metallic, because of the iron content in the blood that’s shed. Also, if you use pads, the blood stays in contact with the air for some time, and gets ‘oxidised’ so to speak. This is what leads to that musty metallic odour. Having said that, if your period smells really foul, there could be an issue. 

tips for period sex

Get It On When Aunt Flo’s In Town: All You Need To Know About Period Sex

Period sex is a personal choice. Some people love it. Others, not so much. It’s totally okay to have period sex, and it’s also totally okay to skip it. Your choice and your partner’s choice entirely. But if you’re going to do it, we have some helpful tips and FAQs for you

how to start conversation with crush

18 Fool-Proof Ways To Start A Conversation With A Crush 

Do you relate to those memes about people not keeping their cool in front of a crush? Do you have no chill when you are around someone you like? Relax! We’re not judging! It happens. But we bet you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself and end up saying something stupid.

benefits of stretching

What Happens To Your Body If You Don’t Stretch?

If quadrupeds never forget the benefits of stretching, why do we?