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how parenthoood impacts couples

An Honest Look At How Parenthood Impacts Couples 

While having a child may not make a bad marriage good, a strong one can weather the storm, and come out stronger!

what is consent culture

What Is Consent Culture?

The #MeToo movement brought conversation around consent to the fore. While that’s wonderful, we must avoid the trap of thinking that consent matters only under the sheets. While yes, with enthusiastic and ongoing yes is the only way to get frisky, consent goes far beyond sex. 

ranbir kapoor alia bhatt net worth

Wait, Did #Ralia Just Normalise Women Earning More Than Their Spouse?

Can star-struck women looking to get married now say, ‘I want someone like Ranbir,’ and mean someone who embraces a woman in all her glory, and not his good looks? Here’s hoping…

opposite sex friendships

‘Just Friends’: Opposite-Sex Friendships Are Feminist AF. Here’s Why 

Out of my five closest friends, two are straight men. All three of us have partners, but honestly, that’s irrelevant for my argument. Having these two male friends has helped me see men as whole human beings in their own right, with hopes and heartbreak, fears and aspirations. I believe my presence in their lives has done the same for them. We don’t see each other as potential romantic partners, and this has allowed us to look at the opposite sex from a different lens – a lens that has no agenda. It’s just individuals hanging out together. Just… being. 

eternally confused and eager for love

Eternally Confused And Eager For Love Takes Us Inside The Conflicted Minds Of Urban Indian Men 

Ray is both endearing and annoying at once. He doesn’t want to hurt women, but still ends up making them feel unsafe. This contradiction highlights the problem with gender discourse today – men are given a long list of ‘Don’ts’ for their dealings with women. But in the absence of a list of ‘Dos’, many men find themselves lost and confused. 

why are men forgetful

Aamir Khan & The Curious Case Of Forgetful Men

It may or may not be biologically inherent, but where we know that the brain is plastic and changes with skill development, there’s no denying that there is a social component here which assigns more burden to women, which in turn, makes them work harder, which in turn, makes their memory sharper. 

psychology of resilience

Psychology Of Resilience: What Makes Some People Stronger Than Others?

According to the APA (American Psychological Association), resilience is the ability to ‘adapt well in the face of adversity trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress.’ Now, that’s rather vague, isn’t it? What does ‘adapting well’ mean in this context?

woman eating potato chips

Is Stress Making You Eat More? Here’s How To Stop 

When Neelam (Shefali Shah) from Dil Dhadakne Do sees her husband Kamal (Anil Kapoor) flirt with another woman on their anniversary, she goes to her room and gobbles up a slice of cake. No, she stuffs her mouth with cake, trying hard to not break down. This was one of the most memorable moments of this hard-hitting movie, and that’s because it’s all too real. Like many women, the stress of her husband’s many indiscretions pushed her to seek pleasure and relief from food. Although temporary, this sense of pleasure is exactly why we tend to eat when we’re stressed. 

How To Buy Yourself Flowers

I buy myself flowers every week. These dainty bunches are my favourite pick-me-up on low days, and the cherry on top of the cake on good days.

collarbone exercises

Sorry, But There’s No Such Thing As ‘Collarbone Exercises’. Trust Us. We Asked An Expert 

About 3600 people in India turn to Google every month for ‘Collarbone Exercises’. This number doesn’t include the numerous variations of the query with the same intent – ‘exercise for collar bone,’ ‘collar bone workout,’ and finally, ‘how to get collar bone’. I want to take a moment here to remind anyone who’s reading this – you have a collarbone. Every one has a collarbone. Some have visible clavicles. Others don’t.