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collarbone exercises

Sorry, But There’s No Such Thing As ‘Collarbone Exercises’. Trust Us. We Asked An Expert 

About 3600 people in India turn to Google every month for ‘Collarbone Exercises’. This number doesn’t include the numerous variations of the query with the same intent – ‘exercise for collar bone,’ ‘collar bone workout,’ and finally, ‘how to get collar bone’. I want to take a moment here to remind anyone who’s reading this – you have a collarbone. Every one has a collarbone. Some have visible clavicles. Others don’t.

books about love

From Spicy Stories To In-Depth Investigations: 8 Books About Love

Such is the power of love – it turns mundane to magic, boring to brilliant, and death to power. So, why should we not be obsessed with love? The irony is, though, that as certainly as we want to love and be loved, as uncertain we are about what it really means. Perhaps these books about love will help you figure some things out.

the morning show

The Morning Show Spotlights The Women Who Love The Men Who’re Outed

What’s it like, I wonder, to be a woman who loves a man, in any capacity, who’s a sex offender in the public eye?

the good life

Happiness Vs. Meaning Vs. Psychological Richness: What’s Your Definition Of The Good Life?

In a paper titled A Psychologically Rich Life: Beyond Happiness And Meaning, researchers Shigehiro Oishi and Erin C.Westgate say that a psychologically rich life is “characterised by a variety of interesting and perspective-changing experiences.”

couples counselling mistakes

Shrinking The Couch: 7 Mistakes Couples Make In Relationship Counselling

Going for couples counselling with the intention of ‘going back to the way things were’ may not be the best idea. While the past may have been a happy place for you, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a happy future that looks different. 

minimalist lifestyle

Why Does A Minimalist Lifestyle Feel So Good? A Dispatch From Goa 

We know that a minimalist lifestyle is easy on the pocket, and is good for the environment. But, that freeing feeling it brings with it warrants exploration about what it does to our minds and souls.

how to use a menstrual cup

I Tried A Menstrual Cup: Here Are 7 Things No One Tells You About It 

Pro tip: Remove the cup in the shower, and just turn on the faucet/shower to wash off spillage. 

scatter brain by sid g

Scatter Brain by Sid G: Smashing The Monarchy Of Screen Time One Pink Brain At A Time 

A masterpiece in the 21st Century is made of three elements: Distinct visuals, good PR and publicity, and a thoughtful and relevant idea. For Sid, the bright pink of the Scatter Brain stemmed from his love for Pink Floyd. But, it inadvertently became an unmissable emblem. One couldn’t unsee it, or walk (or in my case, scroll, since I discovered it on an Instagram story) past it.

signs of a bad boss

It’s Not You, It’s Your Boss! 7 Telltale Signs Of A Bad Boss 

You may have bad days, but if you feel terrible about yourself all the time at work, consider these telltale signs of a bad boss.