R.A.I.N – A Mindfulness Technique To Increase Self-Awareness

Mindfulness has been a buzz word for that won’t stop buzzing, and for good reason. In simple terms, mindfulness means to live with awareness. In a culture that’s forever distracting, cultivating conscious awareness is a necessity. In that spirit, here’s a mindfulness technique that’s easy to remember, and can be practiced anywhere, anytime! R.A.I.N is …

Why Do I Cry When I’m Mad? 3 Reasons + How To Stop (If You Want)

Now if you’re livid about something, that can be quite overwhelming. In this case, those angry tears are just an expression of how overwhelmed you are. Research also shows that tears can elicit sympathy from others. So, maybe crying when mad is just a way of getting some pity points? Don’t know about that, but here are three reasons why some people cry when they’re angry. 

Do Affirmations Work Or Are They Another New Age Scam? 

I was introduced to daily affirmations at a time I was beginning to question some of the alternative healing practices that had gained popularity among large number of people. I was a recent graduate of a yoga teacher training program, and was dabbling into other offerings of the wellness world.  I had already tried and …

Why Do Some Elderly Couples Die Close To One Another?

The death of a spouse is the most stressful life event. Other than the loneliness and grief it causes, the stress can sometimes take a toll on one’s body, leading to what’s called the ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’ – a condition with symptoms that may feel like a heart attack, like chest pain, and shortness of breath, caused by an emotionally stressful event, not by clogged arteries.

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