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rain mindfulness technique

R.A.I.N – A Mindfulness Technique To Increase Self-Awareness

Mindfulness has been a buzz word for that won’t stop buzzing, and for good reason.…

photo of women posing

The Sisterhood Myth: No, Not All Women Are Friends!

Women, simply by virtue of being women or female, do not carry within them some magnetic forcefield that attracts other women, and keeps them safe from other
forces which – and another lie here – are out to harm them.

close up photography of crying woman next inside room

Why Do I Cry When I’m Mad? 3 Reasons + How To Stop (If You Want)

Now if you’re livid about something, that can be quite overwhelming. In this case, those angry tears are just an expression of how overwhelmed you are. Research also shows that tears can elicit sympathy from others. So, maybe crying when mad is just a way of getting some pity points? Don’t know about that, but here are three reasons why some people cry when they’re angry. 

benefits of journaling

Feeling Stuck, Confused, Or Frustrated? Journaling Can Sort You Out. Here’s How 

Most of us are frustrated with something or the other. It could be personal or professional. But, to effectively deal with our problems and make a dent in the way things are, we need to have the utmost clarity of thought. We need conviction. This is where journaling can help.  

woman lying on bed with rose on her hand

No Big-O! Do I Have An Orgasm Disorder? 

Several studies have shown that women orgasm the least often during heterosexual intercourse. Lack of orgasm in women is so commonplace that we seldom ever wonder if it could be a problem.

But in some cases, the inability to climax may point to an orgasm disorder.

do affirmations work

Do Affirmations Work Or Are They Another New Age Scam? 

I was introduced to daily affirmations at a time I was beginning to question some…

men who love sitcoms

Men Who Watch Sitcoms Might Be Less Toxic

Sitcoms may just be doing a better job than any other media in paving the path for a healthier masculinity. 

broken heart syndrome

Why Do Some Elderly Couples Die Close To One Another?

The death of a spouse is the most stressful life event. Other than the loneliness and grief it causes, the stress can sometimes take a toll on one’s body, leading to what’s called the ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’ – a condition with symptoms that may feel like a heart attack, like chest pain, and shortness of breath, caused by an emotionally stressful event, not by clogged arteries.

butterflies in the stomach

Why Do You Get Butterflies In The Stomach When You Meet Someone New?

A result of the fight, flight, freeze or fawn response, those butterflies are not telling you you’re falling in love. Instead, they’re asking you to watch out for potential signs of getting hurt by this person.

woman with me too written on her shoulder

He Forcibly Kissed Her. I Saw, But Did Nothing

Later, I see him holding a young woman’s hand longer than she’d have liked. She pulls back, as he leans in, and comments on her off-shoulder dress.