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August, 2021 Tarotscope: What’s In Store For Lovers And Lusters?

August, 2021 Tarotscope: What’s In Store For Lovers And Lusters?

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Love. Lust. Longing. Loathing. What is the difference? It may mean different things to you and me but there is at least some clarity to be found in the stars.

So what does August have in store for the lovers…and lusters? Let’s find out.


When it comes to exes, there is always a reason why you decided to leave them behind in the past. It will do you good to remember that before your heart scurries along and dons the rose-tinted glasses again! Looking back and getting nostalgic about the good times can often make us forget about the bad times we had. Will you let those who may not have your best interests at heart interfere for the good that is finally going for you now or are you ready to move on? The choice is yours this August.


All work and no play will make anyone want to climb up a wall! Sometimes our love lives also need the same energy and dedication that our work life does. It’s no fun complaining about being stuck in a rut when you know very well you do absolutely nothing (or let’s be honest, very little) to actually do anything to make a change. If you are single, get on that dating app and seek out a new match! If you are already entangled, then please shut that laptop and pay attention to your bae. An out of the blue date night will take them by surprise and do you much good too!


Woah woah woah! Hold it right there Gemini! A lot of shit is going down. Are you feeling overwhelmed by all these changes? Are you considering giving up entirely on love and relationships and considering a life of celibacy already? Well, hang in there and don’t just quit yet. Movements in life are necessary. How will the rivers flow better if the mountains refuse to readjust their positions and touch upon their different kinks from time to time? Stop letting other people’s expectations of what you should enjoy hold you back. Re-sow the seeds of passion into your life once August is done with all the tectonic shifts.


Have you been manifesting a new relationship? A thriving date life? Better times in the boudoir? Things are heating up for you this month! Stability is in and perpetually wondering where you guys stand is out the window. Stability is sexier than pop culture gives it credit. It is when you know you have your bae ready to be there for you whenever you need them – mentally, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually! You know you are a catch and they are seeing it too. So buckle up and savour it all this month. You deserve it.


If it feels like it is meant to be, then it is my lovely little lions! Sometimes we need to keep fear and pride aside, even though they seem easier to fall back on, in order to let happiness in. Surrender to the moment that is calling to you now. Say “yes!” for a change and see how things start leveling up in your relationship with your beloved, with yourself. Do not look at it as compromise, look at it as evolving and letting go of previously held beliefs that no longer serve you.


Yes Virgo, they are serious about you! Is that what you wanted to hear. Then here is your confirmation. You are the beacon that calls them home. They would cross all the mountains in their path as long as they can come cuddle (and more) with you. For some of you, a proposal might be in order! Even if that is not where you are right now, expect something worth celebrating. May be that dry spell you have been having is coming to an end finally! Thank the universe and enjoy your blessings this August.


If only choosing between two people was as easy as throwing a dart in the dark and going wherever it sticks! But alas, in real life, throwing darts will only hurt someone or the other. So it is time to make a decision. Will saying yes to one mean letting go of the other? Well yeah, unless you are all up for an open situationship, then it’s a party! For the committed lovebirds, do you want to continue dating or settle down in marital bliss? Well, make up your mind before it’s too late. You know what they say about the temptations of the bird in the bush while you already have one in your hand.


Alright, now that we are all done talking about self-care and self-love in terms of retail therapy, can we get serious here? Because real self-love goes beyond putting on sheet masks and blasting Britney Spears while sipping on margaritas. It is about putting you above and beyond everyone else for a change. Are your needs – emotional and physical – being met despite you bringing it up again and again? You know what you need to do. In the immortal words of Meredith Grey, paraphrased of course: First pick yourself, choose yourself, love yourself!


The chase is intoxicating. But not-so-cute when it becomes a pattern and breaks real hearts. So if you can take a minute and sit down to figure out who wins when you set out to win at all costs. As long as they are clear you are in it for the thrill of it, it’s alright. But do not go for the ‘wham bam thank you mam’ and leave the current object of your interest confused. Just a reminder, the fun and games are far hotter when kept for the real sex. Emotions need gentler handling.


If things have been rocky for a while, know that respite is coming for you all this month. Sometimes we can work through our issues by clear communication. But sometimes communicating yields no results especially when you are speaking different languages altogether. You can either hang around, waiting for them to learn yours, while you have almost mastered theirs already…or you know stop holding spaces in your life that were meant to be filled by those who won’t keep you hanging forever.


There is absolutely no shame in wanting things that are conventional. You want to have it all and you very much deserve it. So why are you letting judgements and other people’s projections get in the way of what you want? Some want to be wild, but some are more comfortable in the confines of the familiar. If the whole world needed the same thing, life would indeed become rather bland. Manifest that long-term happiness. If you are with ‘the one’, they will be down for it too. Just float the idea and see how things roll.


Juggling seems to come naturally to you. But what is it that you are juggling and for how long will you be able to carry on with this same energy? This month of August you are being called to find a semblance of steadiness. Burnouts can happen outside the boardroom too. In order to avoid just that you need to take a step back and dedicate your time and energy to one thing at a time and see how it goes.

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