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All You Need To Know About Adoption In India, With Tanya Appachu 

All You Need To Know About Adoption In India, With Tanya Appachu 

adoption in india

I first spotted Tanya in an Instagram reel about rights of married women. I was immediately taken by the clever juxtaposition of a social media trend and an important and relevant topic not enough people address. I didn’t think twice before reaching out to her on Instagram. It was late at night, and I was tucked in bed already. But I didn’t care. I wanted to know more about the rights of married women, FROM Tanya Appachu, lovingly known as ‘@yourinstalawyer’. But when I spoke to her over the phone, she suggested we talk about adoption rights. I found the topic interesting, and felt that it could be of use to people. It was only after the chat with Tanya that I, while researching for the interview,  discovered just how many people in their 20s, 30s and 40s, were thinking about adoption, and didn’t know where to go! In this conversation, we shed light on the process of adoption in India, so you know what to do. 

So, here it goes…

Key takeaways from the chat: 

Who can adopt? 

Married couples, single women and men (though single men can only adopt a male child), couples in live-in relationships. 

Who can’t adopt? 

Same-sex couples and transgender individuals. 

Where do you file the application? 

On the C.A.R.A. website.

How long does it take to bring a child home? 

There is no fixed time. It can take years. 

Can you adopt from a relative? 

Only siblings and parents of the birth parents can adopt. 

Can you adopt from a friend? 


Does your psychological and physical health matter? 

Yes. Having a chronic psychological or physical health issue may lower your rank in the system. 

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Do grandparents have to be on board?

It’s important if you live with them because the state / adoption agency wants to ensure that a child is sent to a safe environment.

Is there a trial period where you can get to know the child?

Yes, it’s called the ‘pre-adoption foster care’.

What happens if you change your mind after you bring the child home? 

You can return the child during the pre-adoption foster care. But, once the adoption is finalised, you can’t abandon the child. 

We discuss the nuances of each of the questions above, and a lot more. Check out the video, and share it far and wide so people who want to adopt can learn what their rights are. 

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