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video date ideas

Of late, I’ve been wondering what it would have been like if the lockdown had happened at a different stage in my life. What if it had happened when I was in primary school? I’d have probably loved it the first couple of days, but soon enough got deathly bored. What about when I was in college? I’d have hated every minute of it, because I actually loved going to college! And what if it had happened at a time when I was in a relationship with someone who I mostly saw on date nights at a restaurant or the movies, or out dancing. Basically, what if I was in a relationship with someone I spent time with mostly outside? 

Well, yes, now there’s Zoom, Skype and a ton of other options for video chats, and presumably, I’d be spending a lot of time video chatting with them. But, after day five or some such, video chats in a situation where nobody’s up to anything interesting, would get dull, which got me thinking of some fun things we - you - can do if you’re currently in a video relationship with someone. 

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