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Hi! I’m Prachi Gangwani, the creator of this platform.

I’m a Delhi-based writer, editor, yoga teacher, and counselor. I’ve studied psychology, practiced as a relationships counselor, and have had a successful career in digital media. My words also appear in Scoopwhoop Media, iDiva (Times Internet Ltd.), Hauterrfly (Fork Media), DailyO, The Swaddle, and Asia Spa Magazine.

On Keeping Zen, you’ll find conversations about relationships, sexuality, gender, mental health, culture, and how all of these intersect.

butterflies in the stomach

Why Do You Get Butterflies In The Stomach When You Meet Someone New?

A result of the fight, flight, freeze or fawn response, those butterflies are not telling you you’re falling in love. Instead, they’re asking you to watch out for potential signs of getting hurt by this person.

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how to let go

How To Let Go If You Feel Too Much

I hope dropping biscuits in the tea counted as ‘to stop holding something’ because that’s something I already do. But being a person whose emotions come from the deepest parts of the heart, it’s hard to release anything I have ever felt.

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the morning show

The Morning Show Spotlights The Women Who Love The Men Who’re Outed

What’s it like, I wonder, to be a woman who loves a man, in any capacity, who’s a sex offender in the public eye?

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bombay begums

Bombay Begums Makes The Invisible Sides Of Womanhood, Visible 

Bombay Begums is by no means the first show to show strong women taking the lead. Yet, it goes where no other work of cinema has gone before. It gives centre stage not only to women, but also to challenges that are truly unique to women. 

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psychology of resilience

Psychology Of Resilience: What Makes Some People Stronger Than Others?

According to the APA (American Psychological Association), resilience is the ability to ‘adapt well in the face of adversity trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress.’ Now, that’s rather vague, isn’t it? What does ‘adapting well’ mean in this context?

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couple sitting on a sofa watching television

5 TV Shows That Got Mental Health Right

The media has been, for quite some time, highly unfair to people who have suffered thus. The portrayal of such conditions has been superficial and grossly inaccurate. However, some shows on TV have attempted to get this portrayal right.

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